BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android pulled out

BlackBerry Messenger for all

BlackBerry Messenger for all

BlackBerry was supposed to release its erstwhile popular messaging app, BlackBerry Messenger, for iOS and Android last weekend. However, things did not go as planned.

BlackBerry Messenger was pulled out of the Apple App Store, halting its planned timezone-oriented roll out. As for the Android version, it got leaked earlier than planned and that one got yanked as well, but not before over 1.1 million users downloaded it within the first eight hours.

The company, which has been struggling to remain relevant in the age of iPhones and Androids, claims they are having issues with its servers. The iOS version of BlackBerry Messenger app remains usable, while the unofficial Android app has been disabled.

BlackBerry adds it will launch BBM on Google Play soon, while it will resume rolling out the iOS version as soon as they are able to.

At this point, netizens have been writing obituaries for BlackBerry because of its delays in releasing the cross-platform apps. They say that BlackBerry did not seize the opportunity of making their BlackBerry Messenger available in non-BB devices, which the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, and Line have done and are now dominating the market.

Will BlackBerry be able to reverse its dire fortunes? Leave your comments.

Source: Business Insider

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