Blackberry Curve

blackberry curve

There is a new BlackBerry in town. The BlackBerry Curve is a gadget wonder as it is as slim as the Pearl at a little over more than half an inch, weighing 3.9 ounces. It’s only a mere 0.7 ounces heavier than its predecessor but it still has a lot of features that will certainly make you disregard that measly add-on weight.

The Curve can easily slip into your pocket. It doesn’t have any geeky hip holster that you need. You may not appreciate its design at first if you’ve already seen the Pearl but the liquid-silver finish of this BlackBerry accompanied by the various chrome accents and rounded edges will definitely make it an attractive alternative to other phones that are out in the market.

The Curve has a 2.5-inch, 320 x 240-pixel display screen which is able to render photos, videos and web pages perfectly. Added to this is the Curve’s 2-megapixel camera which takes pictures that are good enough for 4 x 6-inch prints.

From surfing the Web to managing your mobile life, the BlackBerry Curve does that in all of its glory. It is a versatile multimedia mobile device which will give you more than you realize.

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