BlackBerry Curve Apollo Caught in the Vietnamese Wild

Vietnamese tech site, which has a proven track record of showing off actual models of smartphones before they are even launched, is putting its good reputation on the line by leaking the BlackBerry Curve Apollo, which has yet to be announced by RIM.

Judging from the images, it looks like the phone is (stolen, smuggled, broken out, take your pick) from a manufacturing plant and given a photo and video session.

Disregarding the Vietnamese commentary, the thin smartphone still has the iconic QWERTY keyboard BBs are known for, but this time there is a touchscreen display with 480 x 360 resolution. The BlackBerry Curve Apollo features an 800MHz Marvell TAvor CPU MG-1 processor, a 5-megapizel camera at the back, and appears to run on BlackBerry OS 6.

Expect RIM to announce the launch of the BlackBerry Apollo–or BlackBerry Curve, depending on where you live–in the coming months, if not weeks.

Source:, via Pocket-lint

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