BlackBerry 10 Handset with QWERTY Keyboard Spotted

The BlackBerry 10 will be launched a month from now and today, photos of some of the upcoming handsets have been leaked online.

Among the images that were being circulated on the Web, it is the picture of the upcoming BlackBerry N-Series handset that has been getting all the attention. This smartphone–which looks like a taller, more modern BlackBerry Bold–still bears a full QWERTY keyboard, even though BlackBerry 10 is supposed to be touch-focused. But what is definitely noticeable is the absence of a trackpad, which could indicate that the device is equipped with a touchscreen, as well as a front camera.

According to RIM, all BlackBerry 10 devices will feature a new UI, powerful messaging features, and up to 30,000 apps on launch day.

Source: Crackberry, via Digital Trends

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