Black Friday Deals To Check Out

Samsung Curved UHD TV from Thanksgiving Day, people are getting excited over waiting for Black Friday. It is the day after Thanksgiving and the day that starts off the holiday shopping season. It is the day where many major retailers are slashing off prices for many popular products, including electronic devices and gadgets. For many gadget lovers, Black Friday is a good day to hunt for great bargains for different gadgets. Here are some worth watching out for.

Samsung Curved UHD TV
For those who are looking for a new TV for their entertainment room, ultra-high definition is the way to go. it may be a good time to check out Samsung’s recently released 55-inch Curved UHD TV. You can get it at Amazon for $1,297.99 with free delivery. It costs around the same price when you buy it at Walmart and Best Buy this Black Friday.

iPhone 6
Who would not want to have an iPhone 6 as a gift these upcoming holidays? If you are planning to get one, Black Friday may be the best time to do so. When you buy it at Apple, it may cost you $199 with a two-year contract. It costs $649 without one. Best Buy offers the best deal as an iPhone 6 16GB model will cost only $100 with a 2-year contract. It costs $179 at Walmart, along with a $75 gift card from the store.

iPad Air 2
Are you considering a new tablet instead? You might want to check out the new iPad Air 2 this Black Friday. The 16GB model costs $499 at the Apple site, but comes with a $50 gift card this Black Friday. Best Buy offers the best deal as it will offer all iPad tablets at $100 percent off. This means the iPad Air 2 will only cost around $399.

There are other deals available out there this coming Black Friday. You may want to check them out early so that you can prepare your shopping list and get in line before the others do.

Image Source: Samsung

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