Black Diamond Storm Head Light

Going on an outdoor adventure can be quite fun and enjoyable that is, until night comes in. Spending the night in total darkness won’t be as fun and enjoyable. Having a light source always ready when needed like the Black Diamond Storm Head Light will always be a handy and useful gadget to have along for that next outdoor adventure.

The Black Diamond Storm is a handy head light that provides a hands free light source when hiking in the darkness. It comes with a one triple power white LED light when brightness in the midst of the darkness is needed. It also comes with 2 red LED lights that can be used to preserve night vision.

The Black Diamond Storm is encased in a waterproof cover that makes it useful in even the worst conditions. It also features a lock mode that prevents accidental battery drain in case the lamp is turned on before being stored. The Black Diamond Storm is available at Black Diamond Equipment for US$50.

Image Source: Black Diamond Equipment

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