Black Apple Mini Speaker

Black Apple Mini Speaker

If you tire out of having ordinary mini-speakers connected to your portable media player, here is a cool alternative that you may want to try out. Consider this black apple mini speaker to replace your somewhat ordinary mini speakers for a change.

This black apple shaped mini speaker is an ideal addition to your mp3 player, PC or laptop. Its matt black color seems to be its main focal point. Its 2 watts of output power makes it a suitable mini speaker for those who just wish to avoid having earphones at times. The mini speaker has its own rechargeable battery for power.

Charging the unit can be done through a USB connection in a PC or a laptop. Its size (8 cm x 4 cm) and weight (85 g) makes it an ideal choice to go around with. It even comes with its own neck strap so that users may conveniently be able to carry it around anywhere. Its available at the Sourcing Map for only US$10.

Image Source: Sourcing Map

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