Bitlock: Bicycle lock that opens with a smartphone

Bitlock Bluetooth bicycle lock

Bitlock bicycle lock

It must feel good to be a biker, breezing through the busy streets as you pedal past cars stuck in traffic. However, the single biggest problem for bikers, apart from getting hit by an opening car door, is worrying about the security of your bicycle after leaving them at the parking lot.

Bitlock helps making your bike secured, as well as lightening the burden of unlocking and untangling chains. It unlocks easily and fast with the help of your own smartphone. You have to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth first, then launch Bitlock’s app for the bike lock to open automatically by mere proximity. The lock is waterproof and has a battery life of up to five years.

The app works with new iPhones and devices running on iOS 6, as well as Android mobile gadgets. Apart from turning your smartphone into a virtual key, the app also allows you to check the bike’s location through GPS, share that location with other users, and even have other Bitlock user unlock the bike on your behalf. It also tracks down on the number of miles your bike has traveled, the amount of calories burned, and CO2 emissions saved each day.

Bitlock Bluetooth bicycle lock

Manufactured by San Francisco-based Mesh Motion Inc., Bitlock is currently in the early stages of production and has been on Kickstarter for five days. As of this posting, it is close to halfway of its funding goal of $120,000. Its campaign ends on November 14.

Interested backers can pledge starting at $99 to receive a Bitlock by July 2014. Pay up $149 or more and you can choose what color you want on your Bitlock (black, brown, pink, red, orange, and Kickstarter green). Retail price will be at around $140, while the app will be available for free.

Source: Mashable

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