Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp

While people may like to have gadgets, there is a limit to how long they can like one. People get tired having the same gadget over time. This applies to almost every gadget out there, including desk lamps. Accepting this usual habit, Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp makes it easier for users to get rid of it by eating the lamp, literally.

The Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp is a unique type of lamp because users can eat it literally, once it loses its appeal. Instead of putting it away for storage or throwing it in the garbage, users may choose to eat it instead. Designed by Victor Vetterlein, it is made out of biodegradable plastic made from vegetable glycerin and agar, which is a gelatin made from sea algae.

The LED light source of Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp is attached to a clear plastic adhesive strip which can be removed from the edible portion of the desk lamp. Users can then soak it in water for an hour or two to make it soft enough to eat. If they chose not to, users can also just throw it into the garden as compost. The Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp comes in four natural flavors and also carry nutrients that the body needs. It is said to go on sale very soon.

Image Source: Dezeen

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