Bionic Bird

Bionic BirdBirds in flight can be a sight to behold. People just do not realize the sophistication of a bird’s natural flight. It is something that humans cannot yet recreate. Some do come close in imitating a bird’s flight, like this new and interesting Bionic Bird.

The Bionic Bird is a new invention that aims to imitate how a bird flies. It gets up in the air with flapping wings similar to what a bird does. The technology to get it up in the air involves using light materials and miniature mechanics. The Bionic Bird comes with a foam body and carbon fiber wings. It uses a small 0.8 watt motor to flap its wings powered by tiny lithium-polymer batteries. Its flying motion makes it look like a real bird in flight. What makes it updated is its use of an app to control its flight. A smartphone or tablet with the downloaded app connects to the Bionic Bird via Bluetooth 4.0 with a 100-meter range of remote controlled flight.

But what makes the Bionic Bird special is that its makers will continue to advance the technology to make it soar even higher. Their aim is to improve the Bionic Bird’s capabilities of stationary flight as well as non-motor movement using bio-metal alloy muscles. Adding an HD camera and motion control into the Bionic Bird are also some of the other plans in the offing. But for now, the Bionic Bird can do 10 minutes of flight for every charge. Users can recharge it using a charger fittingly shaped like an egg. After its successful Indiegogo funding campaign, it is set to produce the first batch of Bionic Birds for shipping sometime in late March. For those who were not able to be part of the early adopters, the Bionic Bird is expected to cost around $149, which includes one Bionic Bird, 1 egg charger and a pair of replacement wings. The app is available for free download for iOS and Android devices.

Image Source: Bionic Bird

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