BioLite KettleCharge, Charge Devices While Heating Water

BioLite KettleChargeThere are some essentials that you need to prepare whether you are simply camping outdoors or concerned about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. Food and power or lighting comes to mind. Preparing enough food is always a given. But what many people tend to forget is bringing along some portable power. Well, bringing additional external batteries or power banks may be convenient. However, once they run out, your luck eventually also does. A better option is having a device that can generate power for you, much like this new BioLite KettleCharge.

The BioLite KettleCharge is a unique power source ideal for outdoor camping or surviving during a zombie apocalypse. It can provide you with 10W of power simply by heating water for coffee or tea. It generates electricity via thermoelectric technology. It relies on the difference of temperature between materials to generate electricity. The thermoelectric generator or TEG is located at the base of the kettle. Heating the kettle on a stove can generate electricity and send it to the attached to the Power Handle. The Power Handle comes with a USB outlet to connect different devices for recharging. Generating 10W of electricity is similar to having a portable power outlet to charge your devices. A light indicator on the device will show how hot of a temperature the device can take. When the light goes up and reaches the hottest temperature, an alarm sounds to indicate that the kettle needs to be removed from the heat to cool off and avoid frying the electronics inside.

What the BioLite KettleCharge offers is an off-grid power generator portable enough to bring along just about anywhere. Whether you want potable water or a cup of coffee, you can always charge your devices using this unique device. For those interested, the BioLite KettleCharge will not be out until October of this year. You can now pre-order them for $150 at the BioLite website.

Image Source: BioLite

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