BioLite Hanging Headlamp Light With Stuff Sack Set

People who have experienced outdoor adventure trips know the important of having a proper light source at the end of each day. Being out in total darkness can not only be uncomfortable but dangerous as well. A proper light source is one that is portable, long lasting, and is multi-functional. You can consider the BioLite Hanging Headlamp Light with Stuff Sack set as one of them. 

The BioLite Hanging Headlamp Light with Stuff Sack is a set of multi-functional light source that you can bring along with you the next time you go camping or hiking.  It comes with the  BioLite 330 which is a rechargeable headlamp that can provide up to 330 lumens of light output. It is slim and portable with a front profile at only 9mm and weighs just 69 grams. Its high capacity battery can provide you with light for up to 40 hours in the low setting and for 3.5 hours when set on high. Its proprietary 3D SlimFit design and moisture wicking fabric makes it fit comfortably on your forehead without worry of slipping or bouncing when you are moving. 

And when you finally settle down on a campsite for the night, the Stuff Sack that you use for storing the BioLite 330 Headlamp has light diffusing properties that you can combine to make the headlamp into an ambient light source inside your tent or light the campsite. The drawstrings of the Stuff Sack allow you to hang it over your tent, on a tree, or other overhang ideal for area lighting. The set also comes with a Charge 20 5200mAh power bank to provide even additional hours of lighting power. The BioLite Hanging Headlamp Light With Stuff Sack Set is available for around $95 at the BioLite website. 

Image Source: BioLite 

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