Bing Now Available in iPhone App

Bing App for iPhone

Microsoft‘s search engine Bing has released its very own iPhone application and is now available for free over at the Apple iTunes app store.  Described as a "decision engine," the Bing application enables users to "make decisions and get where (they) need to go." 

The launch comes after Bing developed similar apps for Windows-based smartphones, BlackBerry models, Motorola Sidekick, and select BREW-based devices on Verizon Wireless.

Its home page features a daily image and related trivia, much like how Bing appears on the computer screen.  It also includes Web and map search, which is also voice-activated.  Users simply say the search terms, even addresses, on the iPhone and let Bing’s map search pinpoint the location.

The Bing App for iPhone-and even iPod Touch-is now available for download free of charge at iTunes App Store.

Image source:  Bing

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