BiggiFi: Play smartphone apps straight to TV


There is no denying we play games on our mobile devices more than home consoles, and your TV misses us for that. If only there is a way to play Angry Birds Go from your phone to TV. Luckily, there is!

After a very successful campaign on Indiegogo, BiggiFi aims to bridge the gap between your television and your mobile device. It plugs into your TV set (non-CRTs, that is) and connects with your smartphone with the help of the BiggiFi app. The smartphone converts into a touch-based controller, manipulating websites or apps on television in real time. No need for major porting or purchasing a specialized controller.

Currently, several devices available in the market can provide smartphones owners use their TVs as displays, such as the AirPlay Mirroring and Miracast. Both devices transmit the phone’s screen encoding package to the television, while the TV receives and decodes it. This causes lag between the mobile device and the display, as well as sacrificing the phone’s battery life. BiggiFi works differently as it passes control inputs and outputs to and from the device. It hosts and runs your phone’s content, reducing phone-to-TV latency, which can be crucial to gaming apps.


Smartphone owners can play their favorite apps using the BiggiFi whether solo or up to four players, which works by splitting the screen and each player controls its own character on the screen.

Under the hood, this innovative gadget contains a dual-core A9 processor, Mauli 400 GPU, 1GB DDR, 4GB of Nand flash, built-in HDMI connector, up to 1080p HD display, WiFi, and the ability to connect with USB 2.0 peripherals.

The BiggiFi works with all Android devices, while the iOS version will be available soon after launch. You can order yours now for $89.

Image source: BiggiFi

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