Big Green Egg Mini Outdoor Grill

The fun and enjoyment of outdoor grilling is not a seasonal thing for some people. Be it summer or winter, outdoor grilling still evokes the same feeling of excitement especially if it is with friends and family. For those who go camping, picnics or simply tailgating with a group, this Big Green Egg Mini Outdoor Grill will make instant outdoor cooking and grilling fun possible.

The Big Green Egg Mini Outdoor Grill is the smallest and most portable of all the Big Green Egg grills in the lineup. It is designed to be small enough so that users can store it inside a car while going for some outdoor grilling fun. This charcoal grill features a ceramic body with thick walls to enhance its heat holding properties. It comes with a fuel-efficient grill with a grilling area to prepare food enough for a small group of friends. The Big Green Egg Mini Outdoor Grill is available at selected dealers at a cost of around US$350.

Image Source: Big Green Egg

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