Big Button Phone

When it comes to using devices, seniors seem to have the most difficulty in trying to integrate them into their daily lives. There are many factors that come into play. One of them is that most of today’s devices are designed to be small, which is not always a good thing for older people. Aside from the size, the buttons or the texts that come with them can be hardly readable, considering that most seniors may already be experiencing vision problems. It is a good thing that there are still devices like the Big Button Phone that cater to the older people.

The Big Button Phone is designed especially for old people and seniors who may have a hard time using the small buttons of ordinary land line phones. This problem may prevent them from calling family and friends. The Big Button Phone may help resolve that problem.

This unique looking phone comes with extra large number keypad buttons that seniors will surely welcome. It also comes with extra large numbers and text, making it also easier for older people to read. The numbers and letters are also raised for a Braille effect to help seniors to use their sense of touch if their eyesight may not be enough. The phone also features three programmable one-touch dial buttons that can be reserved for important numbers such as for the police, the nearest hospital or the fire station. Other features include a speakerphone, 13-phone number memory, visual indicator for the ringer as well as ring volume to adjust sound levels. The Big Button Phone is available at First Street for US$50.

Image Source: First Street

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