Bicycle Frame Bottle Clip

Water Bottle Clip

Effective design doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of the time, the simplest of designs even garners more attention and appeal. Such as the case with this unique but quite simple water bottle holder designed by Matthias Ries.

The bicycle frame bottle clip is a unique take on water bottle holders for bikes. This bottle clip design holds the water bottle upright while clipped and fixed on the bicycle frame. It is quite a unique way of bringing along your handy water bottle when you go biking.

The bicycle frame bottle clip is simply composed of a clip that can fit into most standard bicycle frame sizes. It also has an underside threaded to resemble a bottle cap and can be fitted into any standard water bottle. It therefore does away with having to buy a water holder designed specially to hold only a particular type of water bottle. The bicycle frame bottle clip can be used to hold any standard water bottle that you use. Although the design concept may not be suitable for professional bikers since it can make the water bottle go through a lot of movement when biking, it nevertheless may be quite useful for casual bikers out on a stroll for the day.

Image Source: Matthias Ries

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