Bibo Barmaid For Your Holiday Party

smart cocktail making machine

smart cocktail making machineExpect parties here and there during the upcoming holidays. There will be a lot of drinks and food going around that will surely make it an experience worth topping. If you are planning to hold your own party and would like to offer a varied array of cocktail drinks for your guests, you may want to ask a bartender friend to man the bar at the venue. If not, then this Bibo Barmaid Smart Cocktail Machine may be something you would consider.
The Bibo Barmaid is a useful addition to any party or event where cocktails are a must. It is a self-serve machine that crafts mixed drinks for the home or even at parties. All it takes is to fill the machine with cold water after turning it on. You can then select a cocktail mix pouch and insert into the Bibo Barmaid. Pull down the handle of the machine and then press the “Mix” button. You can then choose the type of alcohol, add ice or any garnish you wish and you will have your cocktail ready to drink.
The Bibo Barmaid comes with the self-serve machine, several choices of Bibo Cocktail Mixer pouches in different cocktail flavors, and a shot of alcohol for each cocktail. It takes just 20 seconds to create a mixed cocktail, making it an ideal addition to your next party. You no longer have to mix up those drinks by yourself as you host your party. You can let the Bibo Barmaid do all the work and you can focus on having fun and entertaining your guests. The Bibo Barmaid is currently available for pre-order at Kickstarter since it is still at the crowdfunding stage. You can get one with a pledge of $229 and will be delivered sometime in January of next year.
Image Source: Kickstarter

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