“Beyond the Box” Sports News Aggregate App

A new tablet app is catering to sports fans who supplement their mobile devices as a “second screen” of sorts while watching the big games. Called “Beyond the Box,” the app aggregates tweets from NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL teams, wherein users can pick their favorite teams to customize their timelines for updates, analyses, and links. For instance, if you choose to include content from, say, New York Knicks, you can instantly read tweets from the team’s official Twitter account, as well as from national and local news sources, and even from Knicks-dedicated blogs and the players themselves.

“Beyond the Box” aggregates tweets in real time from over 1,000 media sources and 2,000 players. The app is helpful in getting you updated whether while you are watching your favorite team play or during off-season.

This tablet app is convenient as it brings everything you need from your fave sports team into a single timeline, considering how difficult it is to navigate to different sports sites and apps during play. It also allows users to discover new sources, as well as the ability to directly engage with players and their thoughts through tweets.

While there are other similar apps in the market, Beyond the Box is not “boxed in” by content restrictions or exclusive partnerships, thus eliminating bias that results from such deals. Twitter also has the ability for users to curate their own list of sources to follow, but Beyond the App does it for them in an instant.

The makers of this app hopes to expand its coverage to college and international sports like world soccer and cricket.

Beyond the Box was launched last Thursday and is currently only available for the iPad and iPad mini.

Source: Mashable

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