Better Photos And Videos With The VSCO App

If you make use of your iPhone as your primary means of taking visual records of your life, you are one of millions around the world who do. And in the same way, your photos and videos may be in similar in terms of quality with a lot of others as well. But if you wish your own visual and motion iPhone captures to stand out, then you may need advanced tools like the VCSO app.

The VSCO app provides different tools and filters that will help you create enhanced quality pictures and videos. Basic editing tools include adjusting Contrast, Grain, and Saturation among many others. The photo editing features of the app are fairly easy to use. There are creative presets available to help users come up with the ideal photo or video without the hassle of editing them from scratch. Users can also make use of tools to customize their photos to their personal taste.

The VSCO app also helps users connect with other likeminded mobile photographers and share creations with each other. A community of VSCO app users has grown to help connect with other creative individuals and explore original content through the use of the tools the app provides. The VSCO app is available for free download at the App Store. A paid annual membership option is also available for people who wish to access and explore additional presets and editing tools to further enhance their photos or videos in many different ways.

Image Source: App Store

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