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Radar detectors have evolved into sophisticated devices. Older models of the device, which was also known as the fuzz buster, were simple radio transmitter and receiver devices which detects if a police radar unit was monitoring the speed of a motorists especially in highways and open roads.

Modern radar detectors have incorporated the use pulsed laser light rather than radio waves. The improvements in radar detection is in response to the more high-tech gadgets that the police force are being equipped with in their aid to apprehend speeding drivers.

Due to the popularity of radar detectors, there are lots of units, models and brands out in the market that motorists can choose from. Among the most popular radar detector brands include Beltronics, Cobra, Escort, K40, Valentine One, and Whistler.


Beltronics USA Inc. manufactures and sells advanced radar and laser detectors. The company’s current headquarters is in West Chester, Ohio, but the company was founded in 1967 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. In 1980, they expanded their operations in the US and twelve years later move all their corporate offices here.


Cobra Electronics Corp. manufactures navigation and communication products. Their line of products include GMRS/FRS two-way radios, radar detectors and citizens band radios. The company has currently expanded its product offerings to include high-tech navigation devices to capture the GPS, mobile navigation and marine markets.

Escort Radar

Nearing its thirty years of operation, Escort Radar has marked its existence in the automotive world as one of the largest manufacturers of radar detectors and similar products. The company was a pioneer in the high-performance radar detector market in the late 70s. It claims to own more than 85% of the usable patents in the area of radar detection. The company has consistently released award winning products, like the Passport 8500 X50 and the new all-new Passport 9500i.

K40 Electronics

Meanwhile, K40 Electronics’ share in the radar detection market is based on precise, computer-designed, automated manufactured products. Quality control is strict providing clients with complete satisfaction as far as attention to detail and customer service is concerned.


Just like the previous companies, ValentineOne designs its own radar detectors, manufactures them in the US, and sells them locally and exports them abroad as well. The ValentineOne prides itself for having a couple of US patents on its radar detection designs.

Whistler Electronics

A manufacturer of data detector, jammers, and a whole lot more of automotive devices, the company is bent to be known as one of the best manufacturers of radar detection products. The Whistler Pro 78 Radar Detector series is the company’s latest offering in this market segment.

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