Best Portable Solar Charger

Many gadget-savvy people are also slowly getting into trying to protecting the environment in whatever way they can. Some would practice certain things that will help them reduce their harmful contribution to the environment. If it needs using more renewable energy to power their various portable devices, then many will welcome such a change. They might consider getting the Best Portable Solar Charger around to make it possible.

Hammacher Schlemmer has checked out quite a number of products including portable solar chargers. They have singled out the Best Portable Solar Charger due to several merits. It is the one of those chargers in its class that charge devices the fastest. Another is that this portable solar charger is designed with added durability. The Best Portable Solar Charger charges devices 6 times faster than other solar chargers. It can also charge iPhones to full capacity an average of 2.8 times before it required charging itself.

The Best Portable Solar Charger can also withstand water damage even if submerged in water for an hour. It can also withstand drops of up to 5′ without sustaining damage, thanks to its polycarbonate and automotive-grade urethane housing. The Best Portable Solar Charger is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$150.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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