Best new hidden features of iOS 7

New hidden features of iOS 7

New hidden features of iOS 7

You have probably updated your Apple mobile device to iOS 7 by now and have been marveling about its clean design and improved performance. However, this latest mobile OS is more than turning your icons flat, having photo filters, and having a parallax effect on the background (which you need to turn off, by the way).

There are major changes in the iOS 7, including those you may not have noticed at first. Here are some of the best new hidden features of iOS 7:

Dynamic wallpaper – The background of your Home Screen can be brought to life. It is similar to Android’s animated wallpaper, except that iOS 7’s wallpaper does not interact with your finger. The wallpaper setting is static by default, which is probably why you may not have noticed this new feature.

New integrated services – Vimeo replaces YouTube as iOS’s go-to video-sharing service. The Google-owned YouTube has been stripped off its title as iPhone’s default video-based social media since iOS 6. Meanwhile, Flickr has been added to become iOS 7’s default photo sharing app.

A wish list on the App Store – Apple introduces a Wish List feature on the mobile App Store, enabling users to save an app that they intend to purchase later.

New hidden features of iOS 7

The Control Center at a locked screen – iOS 7 users have an option to make their device’s Control Center available even while the screen is locked, enabling them to access your personal settings without having to swipe to the right.

Switching between apps – Tapping the Home pad twice displays previews of various apps on full screen. You can scroll back and forth and check out previews of your apps in real time.

A calendar inbox – The calendar function now has an inbox for incoming invites.

Voice calls with FaceTime – In case you haven’t noticed yet, FaceTime now allows users to make free voice calls to their contacts.

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