Best iPod and iPhone Speaker Docks

Normally, iPod users who want to amplify the music of its playlist would connect an inexpensive patch cable to a home stereo or large speaker. Many of them, however, would rather put their iPod (or even their iPhone) on a dedicated speaker system that not only plays what is in the media player, but also charges its batteries in the process.

And with virtually hundreds of iPod docks readily available in the market, CNET decided to review and put up a list of the best within this category. Here are some of them that made the cut.

Logitech S715i (pictured) – This portable for iPod and iPhone from Logitech features eight drivers, delivering audio quality that is worth every penny and even more. The problem, however, is that it lacks extra features commonly seen in other iPod docks like a FM radio, alarm clock, and equalizer. Costs US$149.

Audyssey Audio Dock – Apart from its detailed sound and excellent bass, this dock is GSM-shielded so you do not have to worry about switching the iPhone into Airplane mode. Its built-in Blutooth and speakerphone capabilities are also wonderful. It is a fairly expensive device, priced at $399.99, while its vertical design may not appeal to some buyers.

Altec Lansing Mix iMT800 – This iPod/ iPhone dock from Altec Lansing has a retro design that humbles its excellent sound output. It also features two auxiliary inputs and a FM radio. If you are looking for AM radio, however, as well as a rechargeable battery set and video output, this is not for you. Price starts at $200.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform – When it comes to spoiling its users, Sound Platform brings in a lot of premium features like Blutooth support, FM radio, iPhone compatibility, a dedicated app, and a remote control. Try not to put the volume way up, though, as sound quality does not hold well at that level. Costs $199.99.

Altec Lansing Octiv Duo M202Another iPod speaker dock from Altec Lansing, this features a dual dock that can accommodate two iPods or iPhones. It also has a lot of special features given its small size, like a full alarm clock, dual iPod-mixing functionality, and an electromagnetic shield to prevent airplane mode. Take these whistles and bells, however, and you get a basic iPod speaker. Price starts at $69.99.

Bose SoundDock 10 – The most expensive in the bunch, this $600-iPod dock has a single-speaker setup that amazingly can fill a room at full volume. Audio quality is never sacrificed, although its function is just the same–if not more efficient–compared to cheaper iPod docks.

Source: CNET

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