Best iPhone Apps of 2010

After over a year since the launch of the Apple App Store, more than 60,000 applications were released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With that overwhelming amount of apps to choose from, it is difficult to sort out which ones to download. Don’t worry, though, because the people behind Everything on PC have come up with a list of the hottest iPhone apps that you need to download and here are some of them.

Slacker Radio – Kinda like Pandora, but with a larger catalog and offers unlimited song skips.

Textfree Unlimited – Offers free text messaging with the help of the Push Notification.

TweetDeck – One of the top-rated Twitter clients, the TweetDeck offers multiple columns, separation of user groups, and a load of other features.

Flight Tracker – View flight info in real time, as well as up-to-the-minute arrival and departure times. Saves you time from delayed pick-ups from the airport.

Cell Minute Tracker – A simpler app compared to the AT&T minute tracker. It is also easier to navigate and even faster.

QuickOffice – Edit Word and Excel document straight from the iPhone.

Skype – Make free (for several months), unlimited long-distance calls, provided you are also calling a Skype user on the iPhone.

Kindle – Putting the ebook reader on your iPhone, offering lots of free content.

Real Racing – This racing game displays the best graphics the iPhone could ever pull off.

Sims 3 – A simpler version of the desktop game, yet it still has outstanding graphics and performance.

My Brute – An addictive game that lets you create a fighter and compete in daily arena matches.

Peggle – A Pachinko-style casual game ported from PC lets time pass by quickly.

Mouth Off – Cover your mouth with the iPhone and show off a variety of crazy looking mouths as they animate to the sound of your voice.

Download all of them and much more at the Apple App Store.

Source: Everything on PC

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