Best iPad 2 Apps, According to Harsh

The iPad 2 has arguably revolutionized how tablets are supposed to be developed and used. Critics has praised the gadget as “the best tablet for the average consumer” and has “the speed unmatchable with any other tablet of the era.” With a tablet device worth buying, you should also install it with apps that are worth your time and money. Tech blogger Harsh Ajmera compiled a list of the best apps for iPad 2, at least as of now, and here are some of his favorites.

1Password – This app securely stores a user’s account names and passwords. It can also automatically log into websites with just a single tap.

Pages – Part-word processor and part-page designer, Pages lets users create text documents that are also visually stunning. It is ideal for developing newsletters, corporate reports, brochures, and flyers.

Angry Birds – The always-updated physics-based castle demolition game has amused millions as destructive birds destroy forts of green pigs. The game ensures hours of gameplay and lots of replay value.

Amazon Kindle –’s Kindle e-book reader comes to the iPad 2 in form of an app that provides access to over 850,000 book titles. Users can download and read books straight out of the Kindle Store, including best sellers and new releases.

UrbanSpoon – The app is a one-stop site for finding the best restaurants in your area. Users can filter search by price, cuisine, or neighborhood. Access restaurant ratings and reviews from newspapers, bloggers, and fellow foodies.

Zite – This made-for-iPad magazine automatically tailors its content the more you use it, providing you with personalized news, blogs, videos, and other content from both mainstream and niche publications. Zite can also synch with your Twitter or Google Reader account.

Netflix – This free app lets users instantly watch TV shows and movies straight out of Netflix. Users, however, must subscribe to Netflix’s unlimited membership to enjoy this app’s full potential.

Source: Harsh Ajmera

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