BeOn Smart Bulb

BeOn Smart BulbNo one can be too secure nowadays. Privacy and security has become more valuable than ever because people cannot seem to get enough of it. We now live in a pervasive society where people may feel less protected from unlawful elements. Even properties like your home do not seem to be as secure as it was before. But you can help better equip your home using technology. You can try adding the BeOn Smart Bulb as one of its security features.

The BeOn Smart Bulb is a unique light source that can help act as a burglar deterrent. Burglars usually try to spy on homes to see if it is empty and then do their dirty work. Most homes may be under such a risk as most folks are busy at work and come home late at night. The BeOn Smart Bulb can help provide added security to your home with its different smart features. The BeOn Smart Bulb features different modules to help provide the security features your home needs. Initial models come with a module with sensors that learn how you use your lights over time and can react to sounds in your home like your doorbell or the smoke alarm to turn it on.

Automated lighting will help deter potential burglars by establishing that there is an occupant still inside the home. The BeOn Smart Bulb can help provide that. The company is also having plans to add different modules that you can interchange with your BeOn Smart Bulb to make it even more capable of providing the added level of security for your home. The BeOn Smart Bulb is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A set of three smart bulbs can be yours for a pledge of $199 to $269.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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