Bentley Safe for Expensive Watches

arnage watch safe

What differentiates a rich person from an obscenely ridiculous rich one? The rich guy drops tens of thousands of dollars on a fancy watch, while the filthy rich owns so many expensive, showy watches that he needs a safe designed to store and show off all the collection. The German safe maker Stockinger, have teamed up with Bentley to produce Arnage, a safe specifically made to hold only watches.

The Arnage is for the supporters of fine mechanisms. Designed like all Stockinger safes, this model is impenetrable and features a number of security mechanisms like built-in GPS trackers and alarms. This elaborate safe comes with state-of-the-art timepiece winders (which runs almost noiselessly) for wildly expensive watches. It guarantees an extremely long, maintenance and disturbance free life. The design reflects traditional craftsmanship qualities and shows design cues rich people are very passionate about.

Measuring 47 (H) x 22 (W) x 20 (D) inches and weighing 485 kg, the Arnage safe is available in all standard Bentley exterior colors, 10 Stockinger interior leather suedes, and 3 wood veneer panels (Dark Stained Burr Walnut, Burr Walnut or Birds Eye Maple). Only 200 pieces are available and order is exclusively through Stockinger. The price: $160,000 or €125,000.

Image Source: Stockinger

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