BenQ W1100 Full HD Projector

A Full HD entertainment system may not always provide the features that everyone looks for. Sure they might provide a good Full HD experience in one area of the home. But such systems, with their complicated set ups can’t always be portable enough to move fro one room to another. A possible alternative for those who may be looking for a more mobile and portable device that offers a Full HD experience is by getting a Full HD projector like the new BenQ W1100.

The BenQ W1100 Full HD Projector provides users with an option to make the Full HD experience more mobile. The BenQ W1100 provides Full HD resolution in 1080p quality using a 12 lens optical system for very sharp picture quality. Its brightness is further enhanced by its 2000 ANSI lumen bulbs, with 4500:1 contrast ratio and a full 10-bit color processor inside. Not only that, this projector also built with SRS WOW HD sound technology and dual 10 watt speakers with dedicated sound chambers. The new BenQ W1100 Full HD Projector is now available at BenQ for around US$1,499.

Image Source: BenQ

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