BenQ V2400 Eco LED Monitor Comes with Plant Pot

BenQ V2400 Eco LED Monitor Comes with Plant Pot

LED monitors created at the last CES during the start of the year. But when the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 came out, they were all the rage.

The new BenQ V2400 Eco was one of those who came out after the SyncMaster XL2370. And we enjoy how it lived up to its greenness – both figuratively and literally.

The BenQ Eco has a 16:9 aspect ratio which supports a "Full HD" 1,920×1,080-pixel native resolution. It has a thin all-white design, with a 0.8-inch bezel and 23.8-inch panel width. The display is 0.75-inch deep, and the screen has a matte finish.

A couple of complaints; the screen cannot be rotated for portrait mode, nor it can be adjusted in height of you’re say, quite tall. Also, video connections are limited to VGA and HDI.

The onscreen display button is located along the right edge of the panel, consisting of 5 buttons aligned vertically: a Menu button, an up and down button, an Enter button, and an Auto button.

The menu has the usual brightness, contrast and color options.

The OSD has 6 presets: Movie, Game, Standard, Photo, SRGB, and Eco, with last capping the brightness as 43 of 100.

It also has very low power consumption. But the quirkiest thing about it is the small circular container of some sort that looks like a cup holder on top of the footstand. According to BenQ, this tiny pocket is perfect for storing small "small keepsakes or mini plant pot." Just tiny piece of advice – if you do choose to have a plant at the bottom of your monitor, water it somewhere else. The new BenQ V2400 Eco costs $350.

Source: CNET

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