BenQ T850: World's Slimmest Camera

BenQ T850

Of course, you might have seen a thinner camera than this one. But the BenQ T850 is said to be the slimmest digital camera in the eight mega pixel group. With that considered, you may now would want to check it out yourself. The thinest eight mega pixel digital camera in your hands would actually great to have around.

As the title of the "World’s Slimmest Eight Mega pixel Digital Camera" suggests, the BenQ T850 measures just 14.9 mm thick. It also has a 3x optical zoom with smc Pentax lens,1600 ISO and a 3-inch touchscreen all encased inside its slim stainless steel body casing. And for being the thinnest eight mega pixel camera, it sure comes with a variety of features.

The BenQ T850 features simple controls and menus to make capturing special moments in photos a breeze. A notable and fun feature of the BenQ T850 is the "scribble and scrawl" editing feature on the gadget itself. What this does is allows the user to add backgrounds and frames to pictures, add handwritten text with premade speech bubbles on them. This can be done on the BenQ T850 without the need to load the captured pictures onto the PC and edit pictures from there.

Another notable feature is the camera’s Z Lighting feature which allows users to adjust the lighting properties of the image after the picture has been taken. Its high ISO 1600 feature allows the camera to take images even in dim lighting without the use of an artificial flash. Its "Smile Catch" mode allows the user to capture images in rapid succession in order to catch that elusive smile. Its Super Shake-Free setting allows for well-defined picture quality. It is quite some digital camera for being known as the slimmest in the world.

Image Source: BenQ

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