Belty, The World’s First Smart Belt

BeltyWith the technology we now have, it is no longer that surprising what enterprising people can do with it. Technology in itself will not be useful if applications for it prove to be few. But that is where the creative and the imaginative ones come in. They think up of new ways to use current technology to serve a certain purpose. From the useful to the outrageous, you can have your choice from a lot of them. As with the case of the Belty, we reserve the judgment to you, the reader.

The Belty from Emiota is a unique device in that it is considered as the world’s first smart belt. Yes, it is that contraption you wear to keep your pants up. Belty can do more than just that. It comes with its own sensors and motors. The small sensors- a gyroscope and accelerator- makes it possible for the smart belt to know your rate of movement as well as determine if you need to become more active. Belty becomes some sort of a fitness device, especially if users connect it to its accompanying app to make sense of the data that the Belty collects from its wearer. The app then can provide feedback and suggestions if you need to be more active.

Not only that, the Belty also comes with its own set of small motors that expands and retracts the waist size. Still using the sensors, the small motors adjust the belt automatically according to your waist size as you stand up or sit down for added comfort. Belty connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to take advantage of its features using the sister app. Belty is a unique device that many people may not yet know about. Unfortunately, people who are interested to get one may not yet be able to since it remains in its prototype stage for now. The creators consider the Belty to come out as a high-end product. So do not expect it to be something everyone can afford.

Image Source: Emiota

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