Beltronics Pro RX65 Radar Detector

beltronics pro rx65 radar detector

Here is a radar detector that works well as good as it looks. Enter the Beltronics Pro RX65. Compared to other detectors out in the market, it registers fewer false alerts. But what makes this box attractive is its sleek design. It is packaged in a durable charcoal-aluminum travel case that also stores the Beltronics SmartPlug 12-volt coiled-lighter plug.

Installation and removal is easy. Plug the adaptor, attach the suction-cup mount on the windshield, and it is all set. Press the built-in locking button at the detector and the unit is already detached. The SmartPlug adapter also has a mute feature. Other add-ons include highway mode, three city modes, and an autoscan mode.

In addition, the user could program to match one of seven driving styles. The built-in auto mute controller automatically lowers the alert volume a few seconds after detection. The Digital Signal Processing feature reduces false alarms and provides additional detection range. Also included is a rear-laser port that could detect signals from beyond the vehicle.

The unit delivers voice alerts as well as standard beeps and tones. There are three levels of illumination suited for different driving conditions.

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