Belkin Washable Mouse

Belkin Washable Mouse

For those neat and squeaky clean PC users out there, here is a must have peripheral for you. The Belkin washable mouse is the best alternative for those who don’t like to use a dirty mouse when surfing or plainly using the PC. This is especially a neat solution for PC’s that are shared by several people at any one time.

The Belkin washable mouse is a water resistant device that you can plug out of your USB slot and bring to the nearest kitchen sink for a thorough washing to get rid of the germs and dirt. It is a totally washable mouse that you can soap up if you wish to make them fell and remain clean whenever the need arises. It can also survive spills and users need not worry of damage in case of the usual accidental spilling of that nearby upsized light cola or milk shake.

This unique input peripheral device features optical technology with 1200 dpi. Powered through a USB cable, this mouse also has a versatile scroll pad that allows users to scroll horizontally and vertically with just a touch. Horizontal scrolling is only available for those who use Windows Vista. This washable mouse also works just as well on any household surfaces including wood and a variety of popular upholstery.

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