Belkin Play Max Wireless Routers

Belkin comes up with a new line of 802.11n wireless routers that just make them stand out from the others. Most notable of the routers included in this line is the Belkin Play Max wireless router. It is aimed for a network primarily used by serious gamers.

What the Belkin Play Max provides is fast and reliable speed courtesy of the Dual-Band N technology that provides speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Its dual plane antennas also provide all around wireless coverage with continuous and uninterrupted wireless signal even for multiple users. It also comes with various useful apps installed with it that adds up more features to it such as the Music Mover, Print Genie, Memory Safe and a Self-Healing diagnostic application, making it a wireless router that can clearly stand out. The Belkin Play Max wireless router will be made available sometime in April and will be priced at US$100.

Image Source: Belkin

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