Belkin FlyWire

belkin flywire

Are you aching to mount your HDTV anywhere you want without those unsightly cables and without the complications, labor, and cost of custom installation? Worry no more, Belkin FlyWire is here. FlyWire features a simple setup, allowing you to wirelessly connect devices like set-top boxes, video-game consoles, Blu-ray® players, DirecTV receivers, and Wii to HDTVs and projectors, giving you a full HD 1080p True Cinema image resolution and great audio around your house.

With this new device, you can now hang your HDTV anywhere and place your components in a cabinet or closet. FlyWire comes with a receiver and transmitter and operates in the 5GHz band frequency to give you just what you need. Offering a totally robust connection, this device can intelligently manage its own connection. It automatically adjusts both power and frequency in order to overcome impedances and avoid interferences. FlyWire offers 1 Composite input, 2 Component inputs, and 3 HDMI inputs.

Belkin FlyWire transmits video content without latency since it doesn’t compress video. In addition, the wireless application will not impair video games and other more demanding AV applications. Overall, with these features, you can now enjoy a full HD movie with a True Cinema experience, play your favorite video games without latency, and have fun with HD programming from HD set-top box.

Image Source: Belkin

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