BeeWi Mobot Provides Home Remote Control Features

The home of the future is said to be highly integrated into the hands of the owner, literally. It is said to be a home where gadgets and appliances around the home can be controlled using a handy device such as a smartphone or a tablet. That future may not be afar off as the technology already exists, with the likes of the BeeWi Mobot Power Plug.

The BeeWi Mobot, recently introduced and demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is a unique power outlet device that allows users to wirelessly control devices or appliances plugged in to it. Users plug it into a power outlet in the home with the appliances plugged in to it. The BeeWi Mobot then takes control of that device. Users can then control what to do with the device remotely through their smartphone or tablet even from miles away. The control system currently supports iOS devices using a uploadable app.

Its setup allows for several of these BeeWi Mobot devices to interconnect with each other wirelessly to provide users with a means to control not just a single device or appliance in the home. The usual setup will include a master Mobot that comes with a SIM card. Users can then communicate with this master Mobot using their iOS device to monitor and control all the other handful of Mobot minions connected to it. In essence the BeeWi Mobot allows people to create a futuristic home where everything may be virtually remote controlled. The BeeWi Mobot is expected to be launched this year, with an expected price for the master Mobot at 130 UK pounds or US$195. Additional Mobot plugs are expected to cost 50 UK pounds or US$80 each.

Image Source: CNet

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