BeeRaider Introduces New Wireless Keyboard Design and Mouse Combo

reeraider radial keyboard

reeraider radial keyboardThe computer keyboard is an important and essential feature of any desktop PC. Even with the emergence of touchscreen devices, people can still not let go of using the standard keyboard and mouse all of the time. With people getting acquainted with using the standard keyboard design all these years, little has changed with how even new QWERTY keyboards look. But that does not mean that many keyboard makers should always stick to the plan. There are others like BeeRaider that tries to push the envelope and develop innovative designs unlike what most people have grown accustomed to. In fact, they have announced two sets of new BeeRaider wireless keyboard and mouse combos that can make people get a different take on how keyboards should be designed.

Unique Keyboard Design

BeeRaider has unleashed two new sets of wireless keyboard and mouse combos based on a unique and patented radial keyboard design. Designed for use on Wintel computers, the two keyboard and mouse combos offer users a way to improve on their typing speed and efficiency when using this unique keyboard design. The aim of this type of keyboard is to make it more ergonomic and easier on the hands and wrist especially during long stretches of typing away on a computer.
The two sets of the BeeRaider radial keyboards come in either the QWERTY version and the Optimized version. The former is for people who have grown accustomed to using a QWERTY layout for a keyboard and with the keys just taking on a radial design for added ergonomic benefits. The latter is designed for those untrained keyboard users and with the key arrangement optimized to improve typing efficiency and speed for people who seldom use it. Testing showed that the layout of the keys can be memorized in just 10 to 20 minutes on average.
The two new BeeRaider wireless keyboard and mouse combos are now available online at the BeeRaider site. The Optimized wireless radial keyboard and mouse combo is priced at $120. The QWERTY radial keyboard version on the other hand costs $112. While it poses a unique take on what a keyboard layout should be, that will not necessarily indicate that people will suddenly embrace it. Whether it will become more popular with the usual computer keyboard users is a different matter altogether.
Image Source: PR Newswire

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