Bee.One Electric Car

Bee.One Electric Car

The technology of today is slowly adapting to the changes that surround them.  As the world becomes greener with more people advocating for sustainable energy, a start-up company takes a risk and introduces what could be the world’s cheapest electric car.

The British company Bee has updated the techie universe with some new details on its affordable electric car called One, which is said to be sold at around £12,000 (US$17,700).  If the development goes on as planned, this four-seat, five-door vehicle will has a top speed of about 80 miles per hour and can drive up to 200 miles in a single charge. 

Bee.One will run on two battery packs placed under the floor, which can also be easily swappable in the event charging stations become more available, or when new and better batteries become a more sensible option.  The Bee.One is also set to have a constant 3G constant cellular connection so you can monitor and be updated about the car’s performance system software. 

This electric car drives from two electric motors that power the front wheels.  This dual motor set-up is unique to Bee.One, eliminating the need for heavy and expensive differential.

Another cool thing about the Bee.One is that not only you can buy it cheap, the UK government will also subsidize electric car purchases, which will bring the cost down to just about £12,000 (or slightly over US$10,000).  It may not be as cheap as the Tata, but this one is electric.  The Bee.One is scheduled to go into production on 2011, with an initial run of about 12,000 units.

Aside from One, the Bee is also working one a two-seat roadster to be named the Bee.Four, which should be able to run up to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds, as well as a F1-style electric hill climb racer.

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