Become A DJ With Dropmix

This holiday season, many parents and kids have a lot of choices for presents in the toy department. But most of these choices may be of the same kind as those of last year’s. but there are other toys that surely stand out and may just get the attention of the kids for their unique fun features.  The new Dropmix from Hasbro and Harmonix is just one of them.

Dropmix is an interesting and unique game ideal for the musically inclined kids. It may even be a fun new game for kids who just want to experience some new type of gameplay. The Dropmix starter kit allows kids to create remixes by combining snippets of popular songs. It comes with an electronic gameboard with color coded spots for five cards and a stand for a smartphone.

The game works with both Android and iOS devices, which becomes the games sound source. The starter kit also comes with 60 color coded cards that players use to create music. Colors represent drums, bass, keyboards, leads, and vocals. Put one card into the right colored spot on the game board and the Dropmix app opens and start playing the tune indicated on the card. Since there are five card slots, players can combine the cards to create a remix of songs. Interestingly, the combos work quite well together, just as long as the cards are placed on the correct color coded spots on the board.

Players can play Dropmix in different ways. Freestyle allows them to create remixes by combining different cards to their hearts content and discover some amazing song creations. There is also a mode where players try to place the right card on the board at the correct time to get points. Another mode allows players to clash with each other trying to gain points. But these games revolve around the players creating remixes to keep them dancing.

The Dropmix starter kit comes with the electronic gameboard, 60 cards, and a stand for the smart device. Players can choose to set up external speakers for a party vibe or simply using the headphones for some private and personal music enjoyment. Ideal for kids from 16 years old and up, Dropmix Starter Kit is available at Hasbro for around $100. Additional card packs are also available for $30 to add more tunes into the game.

Image Source: Hasbro

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