BeBo Neo E-Book Reader Review

The people behind Trusted Reviews has just published their review about the latest BeBo Neo ebook reader, calling it “one of the most elegant e-book readers we’ve encountered.”

The gadget features a plastic front and sandblasted aluminum back covers, with built-in WiFi, web browser, 6-inch Wacom-powered e-ink touchscreen with 800 x 600 resolution, stylus (which also enables the user to draw and doodle on the Neo), mini-USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a SD card reader.

They find it too heavy at .66 pounds, although it appears well-build and designed to be hold for longer time periods. The catch, however, is that the Neo does not have finger input, not supportive of MP3 files. The stylus notations, meanwhile, are only available in certain documents, while the UI is “counter-intuitive.”

Although the review is overall positive, people may be turned off by the price of BeBo Neo ebook reader: 238.29 pounds (excluding VAT), which is around US$350.

Source: Trusted Reviews, via Engadget

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