Beats by Dre Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless connectivity is becoming an even bigger and more popular feature in many devices. More and more people now prefer them as most devices coming out in the market already are equipped with the said feature. And with portable speakers, wireless convenience becomes a priority. The Beats by Dre Pill Bluetooth Speaker is just one of the recent ones to come out that offer such a convenience.

The Beats by Dre Pill is a portable Bluetooth stereo speaker uniquely designed to make it stand out from the rest of those Bluetooth wireless speakers out there. It is designed to provide powerful audio output with a quartet of 1-inch drivers to provide soaring highs and deep, booming bass. Paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device, The Pill portable wireless speaker can maintain wireless connection for up to 30 feet, making users the luxury to bring the sound along with them practically anywhere in the home.

The Pill comes with its own rechargeable battery that provides power for up to seven hours of continuous use. It also comes with an integrated microphone that allows it to be used as a speakerphone when being paired with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone. The Beats by Dre Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available at the Beats by Dre for US$200.

Image Source: Beats by Dre

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