BeActiv S100 Wireless Earphones

Listening to good music on the go usually require a good pair of headsets or earphones. Others seem to provide what some people look for and some are not. By no means are they created the same. In order for some to capture the market, they need to provide some unique feature that other earphones do not. In the case of the BeActiv S100 Wireless Earphones, it is something you would not expect.

The BeActiv S100 Wireless Earphones by Beem United is more than just your typical wireless earphones. Designed as fitness earphones to accompany y people when they are working out, it also comes with a heart rate sensor, allowing users to bring their fitness routine a notch above. The sensors are situated in both earpieces, ensuring continuous in-ear heart rate monitoring while keeping the hands free for doing exercises.

With its behind-the-neck cradle design of the BeActiv S100 Wireless Earphones, users can conveniently take out the ear buds from their ears and let them simply hang out within reach when needed again.  The batteries on the BeActiv S100 Wireless Earphones can provide up to 8 hours of playing time while it only takes 1.5 hours to fully recharge. The BeActiv S100 Wireless Earphones is now available at Beem United for $159.

Image Source: Beem United

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