BBM for Android and iPhone returns

BBM for Android and iPhone is back!

BBM for Android and iPhone is back!

If having a BlackBerry Messanger on your iPhone or Android phone still excites you, this should get you giddy. BlackBerry has announced it officially resumes the global rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone. The free, cross-platform app will appear on Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and even on Samsung App Stores for users in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The announcement comes a month after BlackBerry pulled out its messaging service out of the app markets due to what the company claims as “server issues”. Despite the pullout, Android managed to download a leaked version of BBM for Android, while over one million iPhones users found creative ways to side load BBM into their smartphones.

This time around, BlackBerry has implemented a queueing system to “ensure a smooth roll out”. After downloading and installing BBM into your non-BlackBerry smartphone, you have to enter your email address and wait for BlackBerry to send you an email indicating you can now activate the messaging app. Those who have signed up to before this announcement will get front of line.

Take note that iPhone and Android users in Africa have to wait for three days before BBM appears on their respective app stores.

Source: BlackBerry

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