Battizer Alkaline Battery Charger

Battery chargers may all seem alike in terms of function. They all provide power to rechargeable batteries. The main difference usually depend on how fast they can do it. But the Battizer Alkaline Battery Charger takes t to another level by charging alkaline batteries so efficiently so as to exceed its normal capacity. At least that is what its maker says.

According to information on its site, the Battizer Alkaline Battery Charger features a technologically advanced built-in microprocessor chip that charges batteries more efficiently. Alkaline batteries may be charged up to ten times more than what its manufacturers may specify. Zinc carbon batteries may be charged for up to 5 more times. It might be true considering that Battizer also offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case users may not be satisfied with it. This special battery charger is available at Battizer for US$67.

Image Source: Battizer

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