Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Details Revealed

Details about the upcoming video game “Batman: Arkham City” is gradually being leaked by developer Rocksteady, the team behind the very popular “Grand Theft Auto” series. In a recent press event, parts of the gameplay details are being demonstrated.

The villain Calendar Man will appear in the game with script cues based on real time. For instance, if the player visits the character at his cell during any real-time holiday, he would narrate about the crimes he committed on that day. In the demo, he is talking about St. Patrick’s Day, which is coming soon.

Also, Batman will be able to make use of helicopters as a quick mode of transportation, apart from the usual run-and-swing-around-the-city the character does.

In the demo, Batman grapples onto a low-hovering helicopter, which then flies around the city as the player looks for innocent people who are in dire need of help as well as collect Riddler trophies.

The player would also receive “Person in Distress” messages. Accepting these calls sends Batman on new side-quests.

More details will be revealed in the coming days, especially during the GDC trade event in San Francisco next week. As a teaser, the team presented to the attendees of the press event a hand-painted billboard in the game, which may provide a clue. The billboard reads: “Turn on and tune in before someone checks out: 275.00 325.00.”

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