Barbie Girl MP3 Player

Barbie Girl MP3 Player

For girls who can’t get enough of everything Barbie, here’s another gadget to include in the collection. The Barbie Girl MP3 Player not only would make a good music storage device, it can also be used as a hip fashion statement. And it’s more than just an mp3 player, it’s also a fashion doll toy.

The Barbie Girl MP3 Player features an mp3 player with 512 MB worth of memory, good enough for 120 to 240 music files. It also has an available miniSD slot to expand storage memory to 2GB. It can play only non-DRM encrypted mp3 and wma files. This means playing songs from iTunes and other DRM protected files are out of the question.

The Barbie Girl MP3 Player has a built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can be recharged through a PC’s USB port. There are also fashion accessory packs being sold separately to allow its users to change how their fashionable mp3 player looks. The Barbie Girl MP3 Player is available at Amazon for around US $14 to $16.

Image Source: Amazon

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