Bar in Seattle boots Google Glass user

Bar kicks out Google Glass user.

Bar kicks out Google Glass user.

A resto-bar in Seattle had a little altercation last November 21 between its staff and a customer who happened to wear Google Glass. Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge, a 24-hour diner located in the city’s Capitol Hill, posted in its Facebook page that they asked a “rude” customer to leave because of his insistence to wear the computer-equipped, video-recording eyewear inside the restaurant.

“We kindly ask our customers to refrain from wearing and operating Google Glasses inside Lost Lake. We also ask that you (do) not videotape anyone using any other sort of technology,” the restaurant quoting its official policy on the device. “If you do wear your Google Glasses inside, or film or photograph people without their permission, you will be asked to stop, or leave.”

This is not the first establishment in Seattle to ban Google Glass, but it just so happened that 5 Point–the first bar to ban Google Glass–and Lost Lake is headed by the same owner, Dave Meinert.

The booted customer, apparently named Nick Starr, also posted on the social networking site about the incident, saying that he did leave when requested, but only after arguing the validity of the ban with the manager.

In response to Starr, Meinert wrote: “We’re not anti-Glass, they are useful in all sorts of ways. We just think there should be some rules about them. Sorry for the hassle. Please respect others.”

Google Glass has been facing issues on breach of privacy and safety before it is even available on retail. Lawmakers have proposed to have them banned while driving, and have also asked Google how it would address unwanted recording. The company said the device’s light is always on during video recording and that the wearer must be staring at the subject for it to capture video.

Even consumers are wary about this device. A survey on says that 70 percent of its readers agree that Google Glass should be banned on bars and restaurants.


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