Balanzza Truco Travel Luggage

Traveling becomes a hassle especially if you often bring along luggage that can sometime be difficult to store on baggage compartments on airplanes. A carry-on luggage can sometimes become too big for comfort to bring along but may be essential. A good alternative available if you always go through this experience is by bringing along a more efficient luggage system like the Balanzza Truco.

The Balanzza Truco, or Travel Utility Carry On, is a uniquely designed luggage. It is a full size carry on that can also be separated into three separate pieces when necessary. The main piece is attached to the integrated trolley and can stand alone as a small carry on for short trips. For longer trips, the two other pieces can extend the carry on’s storage capacity and can be attached to one another to become a single carry on luggage. This makes it quite ideal to have along for frequent travelers. The Balanzza Truco is available at Balanzza for US$199.

Image Source: Balanzza

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