Baladeo Eco133 Cutlery Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are usually designed to help provide a convenience during certain situations. They usually help offer handy tools to help make certain fixes possible. The Baladeo Eco133 also can provide such a convenience. But this time, it is for the dinner table.

The Baladeo Eco133 Cutlery Multi-Tool offers users the means to be always ready on any situation where food and eating is involved. This is because the Baladeo Eco133 is a multi-tool that comes with its own spork (spoon and fork combo), knife along with a bottle opener and a can opener. What makes it even more convenient is that the knife and the spork splits in two and can work as separate utensils allowing for convenient use when dining. It is made out of 100 percent food safe stainless steel. It is available at Baladeo for 50 Euros or around US$62.

Image Source: Baladeo

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